Monday, August 1, 2011

First off, Thanks...

I started work on this recording in August of 2009, although the last two songs were written and recorded ten years earlier.  I've had a lot of encouragement over the years to produce an instrumental guitar CD, and at last, here it is.  This first edition, with only a sleeve for packaging, lacks the room for thanks to all of you who helped out along the way.  My lovely wife, Julie, suggested publishing a blog with not only the thank yous, but some of the stories from the writing and recording process.  I hope you enjoy them.

So, thank you to Julie and Bella, Chris Lowry (microns!), Javi, Dr. Chris and Jeff C. (glad I ran into you at the wedding!). to Linda B for adding the pro touch and putting up with multiple revisions, to Cory and Grant Batson at Batson Guitars for the use of the No. 5 on open air #5 and cicada summer and for Cory’s guitar on hewlett. Lovely instruments, bros.   To Trace for recording, and more importantly for amazing chow and fellowship, to Mike Demus for essential tips and tricks in Logic and inspiration in general, to JD and Eric (your holiness), Rob Frazier and Rob Still (you’ve been robbed), Dave Garvey for CDs on the sly, Linda, David, Nathan, Christa, Karen and everyone at Cedarwood for a steady gig! and thanks to everyone who has supported and encouraged me throughout the years (this means you!)

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