Friday, July 22, 2011

Track 10: hewlett

This is my one cover song on the CD, written by Turlough O'Carolan, a blind, Irish harpist born in 1670.  Hewlett was likely named for someone known by the composer, perhaps a groom at a wedding he played for.  O'Carolan, also known as Carolan, was a contemporary of Bach, and he is thought to be the last great Irish harpist-composer, considered by many to be Ireland's national composer.

This tune was introduced to me by Rebecca Baumbach, a Celtic fiddle player I've worked with over the last several years.  I'm amazed by this melody.  It sounds like it could have been written in the 1970's, not the 1670's.  O'Carolan was undoubtably a musical genius.

This was recorded with my Takemine Nylon and Corey Batson's personal guitar.  He loaned it to me for a St. Patrick's Day gig I played this year, and I recorded it then.  How appropriate!

The name 'Hewlett' kind of intrigued me, since it reminds me of Hewlett-Packard.  I made a little musical quote at the end of the song.  See if you can guess what it is.  :)

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