Sunday, July 24, 2011

Track 8: my kind of nerdy thing

So, first off:  the title.  Chris Lowry and I got together one night with no agenda, just play, write, record, have a beer, and while we were recording the song, he was talking about some music gear he was geeking out over.  He said "It was just my kind of nerdy thing."  And I said, "That's the title of this song.  For real."

I came up with the main rhythm theme, and the little bell melody, and Chris wrote the viola themes.  At some point I decided to reverse the guitar and viola backing tracks, so we recorded them forward, reversed them, learned how to play them backwards, recorded them backwards, then reversed them so they would play the melodies forward, even though they were being played backward.  Awesome.  Nerdy.

The whole intro is backwards, made from various parts of the song after the fact.  I added some panning tremolo effects to increase the nerd quotient.  The bell sounds are the celesta samples off of Logic.  The percussion is a combo of exotic drum samples I played in Logic and some later overdubs by Sn. Santiago.

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