Saturday, July 23, 2011

Track 9: cicada summer

A few facts about cicadas:

They are the world's loudest insect.

The males make all the noise.  The girls are quiet.  Hmmm.

In Nashville, a superswarm of them come out every 13 years.

They are harmless.

Some people eat them.

They are not blind, despite rumors to the contrary.

My daughter loves them.

She and I took my laptop out to the back of my house, hooked up the Shure KSM 27 mic to it, and recorded the overwhelming buzzing.  Then I captured a few until I found a squawker, and recorded a solo cicada part.  You can hear that kick in at about 8 seconds.

I used the Batson No. 5 for the rhythm, and that and my Takemine Nylon for the overdubs.  For the viola, I said to Chris, "The idea of the song is to go inside the song of the cicada.  It's like we are entering their mindset, hearing their song.  As it fades in, we start to translate their melodies, understand what they are singing and hearing.  They are singing 'Life!  Life is here!  Sing of life!  Sing of summer!  Sing now, for soon we die.'"

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