Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Track 6: solas

I wrote this song earlier this year, while my wife and daughter were visiting her family and I had to stay home alone and work.  The title hints at the word 'solace' in English, although it really means 'alone' in Spanish.  It's the only solo classical guitar song on the album, so a fitting title, and the themes of melancholy, loneliness, and peace with oneself all play a part in this composition.

It's a fairly challenging piece to play, and while I had recorded a version of it shortly after composing it, I re-recorded it just before finishing everything up on the project.  The version I had was done by editing several passes and coming up with a master composite take, and I wanted it to be done in a single take.  I also wanted to explore the dynamics of the guitar a bit more, softening up parts, letting others breathe a bit more, while still attacking the forceful sections with intensity.

I set up a video camera while I was recording, and so ended up with the video to go with it.  Unlike the 'hands raised to the sky' video, which was me 'finger-syncing' to the recording, this is the actual recording you hear on the CD.

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