Thursday, July 21, 2011

Track 11: ivy

I wrote this over a decade ago, in 1998.  It was one of the first DADGAD songs I composed.  I wanted to combine a Celtic sounding melody with a more classical/Spanish sounding interlude in the middle.  The result struck me as somehow darkly organic, and the name 'Ivy' came to mind.

I recorded this with Rob Frazier, who I attend church with at Belmont Church.  I laid down the Takemine Nylon track first, then overdubbed a track of Breedlove steel-string on top of that.  Both tracks are playing exactly the same thing.  I think we did the nylon in one take, then the steel in two, because of some bleed from the click.  This was the old days, when I went into a recording session actually knowing what I was going to play and having it meticulously rehearsed.

I've had the honor of playing this at quite a few weddings, usually for the recessional or bridesmaids' processional, but a few times for the bride's entrance as well.

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  1. Don't know how he did it, but Denis Turbide got one of his pieces (Rambling Rumble) on a local (Canadian) pizza shop commercial:

    Time to call Nashville pizza joints and offer up "Ivy!"