Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Track 12: caleb's song

I wrote this song in 1999.  I came up with the main themes and was playing around with them, when I realized I needed to get my good friend Caleb Phillips a gift for a 'bachelor blessing' party we were giving him.  I was torn between keeping working on the song and going to a store for a gift, when I realized the song was the gift.  Caleb and I had played together as a guitar duo, although he wasn't as serious as I was about music.  He had decided to pursue computer programming instead, so we had disbanded the duo a few months prior.

In 'Caleb's Song' I tried to write a guitar 'duo' that could be played on one guitar.  On the recording, the first section of the song repeats with an overdubbed part on top of it.  I can use a 'loop pedal' to accomplish this live, although most of the time I just combine the ideas in a single part.  I finished the song that day and played it for him that evening at his blessing party.  It proved to be a better gift than anything I could have picked up at a store, and I've played it at hundreds of weddings since then.

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